This is the Project Character Art Approvals Page
Here are some guidelines all users must comply with
  1. The limit is  25 images, regardless if some are CBAed or withdrawn. If you exceed it, your image will be immediately declined.
  2. Your image is yours until it is archived, do not reserve a new one until yours has completed CBA and/or has been archived due to other matters.
  3. If your image has been declined due to the one month limit, you must wait two weeks to reclaim your image. This gives other users the chance to work on it if they wish.
  4. If your image has gone less than three (3) days without comments, please do not ask for comments or a CBA. It is common to go a couple consecutive days without comments before a CBA is set into place. To ask before the three day timespan has passed puts your image at risk of being declined.
  5. Please do not align your images! This messes up the structure of the page.
  6. Tweaks and Redos can be posted on the Approval Page, only by the person who made the art.

Images Pending Approval

Please use this section to put images up for approval only.

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